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Purus Amygdalin Vitaminum VB17

Main Ingredient: Amygdalin

Specification: 98% (HPLC)

Plant Source: Bitter almond

Appearance: 98% white powder

Molecular Formula & Weight: C20H27NO11=457.42

No .: 29883 CAS, 15 6,

Locus Origin: Sinis
Notam nomen: /
Model Number: 98% (silicium)
Certification: COA

Minimum Ordinis Quantity: /
Price: negotio
Packaging Details: Double food plastic container bag inside; Aluminum foil bag outside; 25kgs/drum.
Tempus adferendi: 7, 10 working days
Pensio conditio: T/T   L/C   Paypal   Western union
Facultates copiam: 1000000 Kg/year



Amygdalin has the effect of anti-tumor, relieves cough and asthma, lowering blood sugar & blood lipids. It also has a cosmetics effect, which can promote skin micro-circulation, make the skin ruddy luster, eliminate pigmentation, dark spots, thus achieving the effect of freckle. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics industry.

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